5 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

While some outdoor time is recommended, you can keep your kids happy and active even within the confines of your home. Indoor activities don’t have to be messy, noisy, or even expensive. Most of the time, it’s all about being creative with what’s around you. It may even teach them a thing or two while they play.

Cleaning Out the Closet Dress-Up
Make more out of this boring old chore by putting old clothes into a box for your kids to play with. Whatever clothes they don’t play with, you can throw out, sell, or give away to charity. Not only will it help you decongest your storage space, it will help your kids organize and clean as they go.

Do You See What I See?
Bring the popular “I Spy” game off the road and into the comfort of your own home. Describe an object around the house, and see if your kids can find it. Have your kids take turns describing other things around the house too, and add up points for every object found.

Make Your Own Picture Book
Challenge your kids to do more than just write or draw. Instead of painting or drawing a picture, have them draw an entire story over four or more pages. All you need are sheets of paper with atleast one clean side, and coloring materials. Minimize mess by using pencils and crayonsinstead of paints, ballpens, and markers.

The Indoor Fort
Got an old sheet or lots of pillows? Give them a goodie from the old days, and allow them to build a fort out of them. Turn pillows over, use them to build walls, and let them do as they’d like in that little space.

Scavenger Hunt
This one takes a little more care and attention, but it’s always fun. Lead the kids on an exciting adventure! Plant a prize, and several clues around the home for them to find and solve. This isn’t just an adrenaline rush, it will teach them a thing or two about deduction.

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