5 Fun, Yum, and Healthy Snack Ideas for Everyone

When we think healthy snack food, we tend to think bland food. That isn’t the case. Staying healthy can be fun and tasty, as seen by some of the snack suggestions below.

Kamote Fries – These fries have high fiber content that are known to help prevent high cholesterol. They also have Vitamin A to help maintain the immune system, and potassium that can help process carbohydrates. For even healthier results, bake them instead of frying them, which helps moderate the oil required and cuts down on its use of salt.

Oatmeal Cookies – Choose this over the sugary cookies available at your favorite cafe. It also has a generous amount of fiber, and a good amount of iron that your body needs on a daily basis. A study shows that a 1-ounce oatmeal cookie can have about .70 milligrams of iron, or around 9% of 8 milligrams of iron that are recommended for men and some 4% of the intake recommended for women. The same amount also has potassium that can help you and your child get healthy muscles.

Yogurt – A favorite that’s also a probiotic, made with good bacteria that helps your child’s immune system. It’s also a good source of dairy and calcium, with an added benefit of some other multivitamins such as vitamins B2, B12, potassium, and magnesium. These help develop stronger bones and a better stomach. You can also add Biobita to it to help get more out of this food’s nutritional benefits.

Quesadillas – This Mexican favorite is easy to whip up at home, and your kids can help with that too. Opt for more cheese and vegetables instead of meat for a healthier, more calorie-friendly option. Sauce it up or throw in some tomato-based salsa so you can get some more Vitamin C and lycopenes, which keeps your immune system strong and kicking.

Got other ideas for fun and healthy snacks?

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