5 Tips for Taking Cool Phone Photos of Your Kids

We are now in the insta-photo age where anyone can hold a camera, but there is still a big difference in taking photos and capturing a moment. When it comes to kids, they are not the easiest subject to photograph. Some famous photographers have even sworn never to work with kids as the main subject. But for the social media-addicted Mommy who doesn’t want to miss a thing, a stunning shot may be taken with the right moment and angle.

Here are five tips that will have you shoot like a pro, and make your kids look good too!

Shoot on their level
This will make sure the shot is centered on them and not above them. It also keeps the shot from getting distorted and allows you to get a more varied background. Get down on your knees, even lie down to achieve the perfect shot with your baby or child.

Look over their shoulder
When you shoot over your child’s shoulder, this gives the viewer the impression that they are in your child’s world. In a way, you are seeing what they are seeing.

See through your child’s eye
They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and it applies when capturing children. Sometimes, it’s the gaze that makes all the difference when you take a portrait of your child.

Use Burst Mode with the Hyperactive Child
If your child is moving or playing, use “burst mode” on your phone camera to keep up. You’ll get multiple shots in one go and you can choose the best while discarding the rest.

Take a Topshot
The “Bird’s Eye View” isn’t just the insta-shot for foodstagrammers, it also works when capturing your baby’s first few months. Just make sure you find a steady balance when you take your top shot and don’t fall down or hurt yourself, or your baby!

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