Don’t get sick to your stomach: Good Health Starts in the Gut

By the time a child reaches toddler age, or 12-24 months, toddlers’ required calories depend on the weight of the child in kilos by 120 calories. By this time, it’s recommended that they have balanced meals that consist of eggs, diary products, vegetables, rice products, root crops, bread, noodles, and up to seven glasses of water and healthy beverages.


Adding probiotics to their diet have also been found to help them absorb more nutrients from the food they eat [link to article here], as well as boost the immune system. A recent study found that certain strains help shorten duration of illness and helps prevent diarrhea in children who are taking antibiotics. But as always, best to ask your doctor about probiotics for your child.

So relax, eat right, get the help of probiotics, and be good to your gut.