Is Your Child Sickly or Sakitin? Get Better Guts.

Protect your child from disease, starting from the gut.


Did you know? Epithelial cells in the stomach gut is the first line of defense against disease.

Doctors have found that 80% of our immune system is in the stomach, and have found other ways it affects overall health for children, and even adults. Recent studies have found that bacteria in the gut may have links to brain development, weight, and even risk for allergies and diabetes. Allergies and disease, suggests these studies, may be caused by a lack of diverse gut bacteria.

To create more diverse gut bacteria, doctors and nutritionists advise cutting down on sugar and fructose from your child’s daily diet. They also get a boost from traditionally fermented food like lassi and kimchi. In similar studies, probiotics are also often recommended to help significantly boost the immune system from the gut.

So be good to your gut with the right food to keep your child happy and healthy.