Probiotics Make History and Better Health

Probiotics have always been helped with overall digestion and good health. In the process of food fermentation that creates dishes such as kimchi and yogurt, it has also created some forms of probiotics that gets good bacteria into the body. In the mid twentieth century, Russian scientist and deemed “Father of Immunology”, Elie Mechnikov did studies on the lactobacillus bacteria in relation to health. He said in one study, “oral administration of cultures of fermentive bacteria would implant the beneficial bacteria in the interstinal tract”. To this day, probiotics are recommended to be taken regularly for better digestion that leads to better overall health for children and adults. When probiotics are made part of a regular diet, they bring out more nutrients out of the food you eat. In recent studies, those taking probiotics have been observed to have a rise in vitamins A, C, K, and vitamins from the B-complex group. In a variety of studies, they have also shown the following benefits:

Less fever-related illnesess related to diarrhea
or respiratory sicknesses.
Helps protect against colon cancer by reducing
inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease
Plays a role in having the body absorb minerals such as magnesium, iron, and calcium, which are crucial in body functions
They reduce glycation, a process that binds a protein with a sugar that increases free radicals and lowers insulin resistance, compromising the integrity of the gut lining.

The science to probiotics is hardly new. It’s always been there, and easily available through the likes of products such as Biobita, which you can easily add to your child’s water, milk, or juice. We recommend taking it twice a day to help your child to help protect his or her stomach and get the necessary nutrition he or she needs.

Ask your doctor about Biobita.

“Brain Maker” by David Perlmutter, MD, with Kristin Loberg. 

Disclaimer: Biobita is a supplement and is not meant to replace medicine for any kind of sickness. For best results, please consult your doctor.

Mahalagang Paalala: Ang Biobita ay hindi gamot at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit.