The Stress-Free Guide to Getting Your Child to Sleep

If your child is using every excuse to stay up, it’s time to be firm and create a sleep routine for your child. A change in your child’s diet can also help make sure that your child and you get to sleep through the night.

In an interview with Parenting magazine, Jodi Mendell, Ph.D. who now teaches at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia’s psychology department and author of ‘Sleeping Through the Night’ says, “Children come as sleepers or non-sleepers…you’ll know which yours is by the time he’s old enough to try climbing out of the crib. And if you’ve got a non-sleeper, you may find he does his non-sleeping in different ways as he grows. But you can get these kids into bed.”

From twelve to eighteen months, one technique to getting a child to sleep is by creating what they call “sleep associations”. This may entail looking at a child’s sleeping area and seeing it the way they do, seeing hazards such as shadows or noises that they may easily wake up to. When a parent is called to reassure the child, parents are advised to just check around the room one more time to make sure everything is in place the way the child wants it.

From eighteen months to three years old, a parent may reassure their night-scared child, but is highly advised to set boundaries. If your child sleeps in a separate room and stays in his or her bed while you’re away, give him or her a compliment if she or she is still found in bed during your pre-sleep check. This is an ideal time to set routines and establish weaning periods, so the child may eventually learn to put him or her to sleep.

Recent reports have shown that a healthy gut also ensures a good night’s sleep. Disruption of gut bacteria generation has been observed to affect sleep patterns and circadian rhythms, and may even cause insomnia. One way to ensure a healthy gut is with the help of a probiotic supplement such as Biobita, which helps with child’s digestive health and overall well-being.

Sleep tight, sleep right, and stay healthy. Ask your doctor about probiotics and Biobita.

“Brain Maker” by David Perlmutter, MD, with Kristin Loberg.

Disclaimer: Biobita is a supplement and is not meant to replace medicine for any kind of sickness. For best results, please consult your doctor.

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