What To Feed Your Toddler

In the first six months, your child has started transitioning from purely breastmilk to complimenting with pureed and some solid foods. Make sure that your child has all the nutrition he or she needs to ensure proper growth, health, and energy.

While this serves as a guide, it’s also at this stage that you can start exposing your toddler to all sorts of food of various shape, tastes, and textures. Just remember to keep it small and keep a watchful eye over your child – choking is still a hazard as he or she transitions into solid foods. If you have any nutritional concerns about your child, always remember to consult your pediatrician.

For the first two years, a child may start getting used to using a spoon. While he or she figures it out, in addition to pureed food, other dairy products such as yogurt, and citrus and non-citrus drinks may be gradually introduced to his or her diet, along with the same food being served to the rest of the family but mashed or in bite-sized pieces.

At age three, a child may already know how to feed him or herself. He or she will also begin to make his own food choices. Vegetables may be served to your child, but chopped into pieces. Protein such as eggs, cut-up or ground meat, boneless fish, beans, or even peanut butter may be made a part of their diet. Combo food such as macaroni and cheese may also be served. At this age, serving portions for a child may be measured equivalent to your child’s palm. Meat and fish may be served in portions the size of your child’s palm, while veggies, rice, pasta, and fruits may be served in portions equivalent to your child’s fist.

Also watch out for fat content, especially in spreads.
Measure it by half of your child’s thumb.

When your child take in food such as fruits, water, milk, or juice, add Biobita to help your child’s digestion and overall health, and make him or her healthy and happy.

Biobita is a food supplement, and is not meant to replace medicine for any kind of sickness. For best results, please consult your doctor.

Mahalagang Paalala: Ang Biobita ay hindi gamot at hindi dapat gamiting panggamot sa anumang uri ng sakit.


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